About SELF

Be You. Save the Planet. Make Art.

SELF initially came about when Sam Reid randomly decided to try something new, and made a wire necklace in her bedroom one day. She wore it out and immediately got complimented on it and people were asking if she could make them one. That is when she realized this could really turn into something.

Being a huge thrift advocate already, she decided to source all her materials from salvage places and make them new with a little piece of her in each one.

Sam loves the value in one-of-a-kind products. It goes with the message that no two humans are the same. We all have a uniqueness that is so important to share.

Hopefully when wearing this jewelry a new confidence will surface in you and how you feel. All the pieces are still made out of her bedroom in Los Angeles with lots of love and care.

Sam encourages you to always dare to try, and embrace the opportunities that come to light when you are being yourSELF.